Plus-size and (SS)BBW nightclubs

Club Catalina dancing visitors
Club Catalina dancing visitors

Plus-size and (SS)BBW women nightclubs are located all around the world. Often called ‘BBW nightclubs’, many of these places cater for people both large and small, while some only allow a minimum size.

While these are mostly specialized plus-size and (SS)BBW nightclubs, generic nightclubs nowadays also do special plus-size and/or (SS)BBW nights, renting their space to organizers of such events.


If you have never been to a plus-size and/or (SS)BBW nightclub before for it is a good idea to read some of the interviews I have done with organizers of these nightclubs. Each interview contains a set of photos from the event at the end of the page. Have a look at the following interviews:

Have a look at the following list of links to plus-size and (SS)BBW nightclubs:

Last updated: June 12, 2017