Plus-size model Jane (theonetowatch81)


The beautiful theonetowatch81, a.k.a. Jane

Jane, better known as 'theonetowatch81', is the third Instagram model I'm featuring on Curvy Shrine. She's only been on the social media site since July, 2018, but as of this writing (November 30, 2018) she's already garnered a following of just a few hundred followers shy of 40,000! And when you look at her page it's no wonder why, her confidence shines in everything she posts, whether it's her selfie photos and videos, or from the growing number of professionally taken photos and videos!


When I first stumbled upon her page I said to myself "Now that's a confident lady!". Hiding oneself in layers of clothing isn't her thing. And, as can be seen from her very first posts on her Instagram page she shows the world that beauty isn't limited to a size 3! My goodness, just look at the confidence in the following photos!


While I think it's amazing to see this kind of confidence on women, at the same time I wish that every plus-size woman would feel that way about herself, not limited to those who take the plunge to social media in front of thousands of prying eyes. This should be the norm for all women, large and small. That's always been my mission with Curvy Shrine, to show the world just how beautiful, and attractive full-figured women are.


Aside from them being true works of art that Jane expresses through her photos, these images help other plus-size women come out of their shell and break their often self-imposed rules that only thin women can wear certain types of clothing.


As most people do who love to live an energetic and healthy life, Jane's no stranger to working out, preferably - as is evident in her many photos - outside.


To see more of Jane visit her Instagram page via the link below.