Curvy Shrine privacy policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to (the website located at)


Normally cookies are set in the visitor's web browser to enable functionality such as account registration for membership and to track visitors with analytics software. However neither of these are used by (the website located at)

Some of the ads on (the website located at) however do use cookies, specifically from, to monitor site activity, but they don't keep the data or pass it to the advertiser. Basically, they are there because the system is set up to try not to show the same ad twice on the same page, or (and this is where the cookie is important) on pages seen in quick succession. The idea is to limit 'ad burnout' by preventing the same ad from being seen repeatedly on the same page and on other pages too soon.

IP logging

(The website located at) does not log IP addresses.

Affiliate links

Some links on (the website located at) take its visitors to third-party websites (such as dating websites) and can contain an affiliate marketing identification number. While (the website located at) does not collect private information from its visitors via such a link, once visitors to (the website located at) are on the third-party website then that website may collect private information from them; the relevance to (the website located at) is only to facilitate the tracking of traffic sent from it to the third-party website for its affiliate marketing program.


If you have any privacy related questions pertaining to (the website located at) then feel free to send me a message.