Plus-size model lizzy (thelizzyvee)


I've known lizzy (her alias is thelizzyvee) since around 2015 I think when she first emailed me on Curvy Shrine. She is one of the most positive persons I have met in my life, which is a quality that's reflected in everything she does in her life.

Here's Lizzy's story in her own words:

Growing up as a bigger girl, I always felt out of place and not as beautiful as the girls I perceived as "perfect". I spent a lot of time trying to change myself to fit into that mold. It was exhausting and fruitless, because in the end, I was always left with myself and that never seemed good enough. Eventually, I learned to accept myself for who I am, but it took a lot of years before I got to that point.

I think the most important thing a woman can have is confidence. Confidence instantly makes someone more attractive. It took me a long time to learn that. I still have bad days where I feel unhappy with certain aspects of how I look, but I don't dwell in that place anymore. I love clothes, make-up and hair. I'm a licensed hairdresser and makeup artist. It's something I've always loved and Its helped me express myself. I love using makeup and hair to help someone see themselves in a way that maybe they hadn't seen before.

I spend a lot of time drawing and painting, and recently decided to focus on plus size bodies as one of my subjects. I'm looking forward to creating more art around this topic and hope it will help others see larger bodies in a new light.


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