Plus-size model Jessica (in_my_own_right)


The beautiful Jessica

This is Jessica (her alias is in_my_own_right), a plus-size rebel of sorts! A quick glance at her photos and you may notice the variety of clothing she uses. And this is where Jessica really shines, because there is a certain reason for this variety. You see I thought her shape is hourglass, but she mentioned to me that her figure doesn't really fit any of the commonly known shapes (hourglass, pear, apple, etc.), so she uses the different clothing types to create the shape she wants. In her own words:

There are many women in the media who have varying hourglass shapes. They have a full bust and round hips with a little waist. I do not have that. I dress to mimic that shape but even then my tummy sticks out farther than theirs. And my rear is not as round. I have love handles that they don't have. And, because of that, these clothes that were designed for their shape don't fit mine. Honestly, a lot of clothes in my size are boxy and unflattering. It's very hard to find something that fits comfortably and compliments my body. I want women like me who don't fit into that category to feel strong. I want them to see that it's possible to take that shirt, which is a bit tight around the tummy, and tuck it into a cute skirt that flares out and hides your flaws. Pair it with some strappy heels and you have an outfit!

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